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Kim is the proud daughter of a WWII Marine Veteran. Growing up as the youngest in a large Catholic family, Kim learned the value of discipline, teamwork and cooperation. After graduating from Oak Hills High School and completing her degree at the University of Cincinnati, Kim has built a successful 25+ year career in business consulting. Watching the consolidation and sell-off of American businesses over the years, she wondered when the time would come her generation would feel these effects. 
She lives with her husband John, (who she’s known since grade school) the former owner of the Red Squirrel Restaurant, along with her high school senior daughter and two Whippets. Kim and her family enjoy cooking at home, traveling to Florida and exploring college options. During their spare time, the Georgeton family volunteers at organizations like Matthew 25 Ministries and Hands Against Hunger. Sundays are reserved for church and family dinners.

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Kim never had a plan to get involved in politics until politics impacted her business, her husbands small business and her daughter’s health and education. Ever since then, she has been on a mission to right the wrongs she has seen and experienced. Watching the governmental overreach and the political corruption run rampant, she vows to be a tireless fighter for our Constitutional rights.  She feels especially concerned about the long-reaching impacts of illegal drugs and the hundreds of thousands of foreigners flowing over the unchecked borders. Like all Southern Ohioans, she’s tired of seeing billions of unaccounted for dollars carelessly given to foreign wars and causes. She’s determined to close the border and stop the egregious spending.  Furthermore, she’s determined to hold the executive branch accountable for their operating way outside the scope of their responsibilities (media, healthcare, education) and she is committed to upholding our Constitutional rights. Her goal is to turn this dangerous social, cultural and economic situation around, while being a tireless voice for the people. 

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